Parkinson’s Care

Parkinson’s Care

The onset of Parkinson’s Disease is a life-changing experience, and many who are affected by it wish to stay in their own home and maintain their independence for as long as possible.

With a live-in carer, people with Parkinson’s Disease can retain control of their lives, supported by someone who understands the disease and its continually changing demands.

As the disease progresses, an increased amount of care and support may be required, but many people can maintain a good quality of life with sensitive care and good treatment.

We educate TEQ healthcare services limited carers to enhance their understanding of Parkinson’s Disease. They receive training on the medication regime that supports clients, along with its potential side-effects. They know that the disease can bring frustrating emotional and social challenges, as well as medical and physical difficulties such as speech problems and reduced mobility.

They are there to offer support, practical help and reassurance as well as promoting independence and ensuring the client remains as safe and active as possible.

We welcome calls from clients who might be looking for Parkinson’s Disease care and are happy to discuss individual requirements and create a care plan personally tailored to suit you.

If you’d like to talk to someone about the option of live-in care for someone with Parkinson’s Disease, please call 020 8127 3864 and one of our friendly head-office team will be happy to help.
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