Stroke Care

Recovering from a stroke can be a daunting process. The physical and communication difficulties a stroke imposes can make the period of recovery and re-adjustment seem prolonged and frustrating.

TEQ healthcare limited offers care for people who need help when they leave hospital which enables them to.adapt to life after a stroke and face the future with more confidence.

Having a live-in carer provides peace of mind, support and companionship when you or your relative need it most. Our carers offer a tailored one-to-one service, allowing the client to have help where and when they need it, whilst encouraging them to do as much as possible for themselves on the road to recovery and independence.

We welcome calls from clients who might be looking for a period of stroke care. We are happy to discuss individual requirements and create a care plan personally tailored to suit you.

If you’d like to talk to someone about the option of live-in care for someone recovering from a stroke, please call 020 8127 3864 and one of our friendly head-office team will be happy to help

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